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About Us

Hospitality Associate International Pvt. Ltd. is at the forefront of change. It changes ideas, organizations and changing the tourism and hospitality sector of Nepal.
So if you’re looking a fast track career in the world largest industry you have
come to the right place. Hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic sectors in the world. Hospitality Associate International Pvt. Ltd is established to provide education, training and consulting for facility planning, equipments and materials, hotel interior designing and human resource management. Nepal is one of country having a high possibility in tourism and hospitality industry. Nowadays many youngsters are attracted in this field. To make professional to the youngsters HAI provide the tourism and hospitality education in different area of Nepal with collaboration in different Hospitality organization. At exhilarating learning ecosystem awaits you at the faculty. Its strategic location in Kathmandu and expand its sites in different location of Nepal, strong connection with different international hotels in the world. You will enjoy a bird’s-eye view of ever changing industry, allowing you know the structural, procedural and cultural correlation that impact contemporary business reality. You participate in engaging lessons, field trips and placements which help develop the fundamental business practice.

To provide professional services in the areas of Facility Planning, Training, Equipments and Materials & Humans Resource Development for the Hotel Management Schools, Hotel Management Training Institutions, Hotels & Resorts and Restaurants & Bars.


  • To create awareness of the importance of professional Training, Consultation and Advices by the Professionals.

  • To advance, preserve and disseminate knowledge and culture through professional Training environment.